What a year it’s been, right?

When the pandemic hit, all my spring and summer workshops were cancelled, so I pulled all my teaching info from my website.

Fast forward to October, and the teaching world is gearing up … in a virtual way! I am doing my best to go with the flow … purchasing the new hardware: noise-cancelling mic lavaliers, ring lights, extendable tripods for phones … and I am learning all the software to film my process for online on-demand workshops and zoom classes. So far, so good, but lots left to do. My presentation on Global Quilt Connection has led to lots of inquiries and YIKES! I’m not ready! Bear with me, folks! I am rewriting contracts for my virtual lectures and classes.

If you subscribe to updates, you will be the first to know when I am ready to go “live”!

When my classes are finally online, I will post info on them and their virtual-live counterparts here. I am excited about how the classes are coming together, four stand-alone classes in a series I am calling Cheesecloth Explorations:

  • Windswept Pine
  • Intro to Portraiture
  • Advanced Nature Imagery
  • Advanced Portraiture

They can also be taken sequentially, which is how I used to teach my weeklong Cheesecloth Imagery workshop. I think I will have to design some kind of diploma for students who complete all the projects … out of cheesecloth, of course!

I am also working on two quickie classes: one on different ways to colour cheesecloth and one on adjusting and posterizing photos to make art quilt patterns.

And for my lecture, I have two options:  guilds have the option of having me on zoom, narrating live through the slides or play the pre-recorded one and then I do the Q&A session live afterwards.

So wish me luck! (Dang. Where did I put that horseshoe?)