A World of Difference

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​This artwork was exhibited at the Virginia Quilt Museum from February 15 – April 9, 2022 and featured in Fiber Art Now magazine's Excellence in Quilts.

Sir David Attenborough, English broadcaster, author and historian, is known for his documentaries celebrating the natural world, but his most recent one, A Life on Our Planet, makes grim predictions for the future should humanity continue on its current path. Outlining the devastation he has witnessed in his years observing what is happening to the earth, he decries the thoughtlessness of man’s activities that are destroying the environment, and suggests ways each of us can make “a world of difference.”

Adapted from a photo by Sam Faulkner, UK

Juried into Intersect Chicago (SOFA) 2021, Nov 4-7, 2021 - Chicago 

Photo credit: Thomas Blanchard

Spec: 48"x35" cheesecloth, cotton, acrylic paint