45"x34" cheesecloth, cotton, acrylic paint
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Description of Willie

“Willie” has been selected by juror Jane Sauer for an exhibit at SOFA Chicago (Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design). This year, they are going virtual with an event titled “Intersect Chicago,” Nov. 5-12, and then on Artsy from Nov. 6 till December 5, 2020.

Adapted from a reference photo by Allen Matheson, this portrait celebrates the artistry of musician Willie Nelson. Lyrics of his most recognized songs permeate the very fabric of his shirt and the smoky background references his crusade to legalize marijuana.


Hand-dyed cheesecloth sculpted with PVA adhesive, machine-stitched with monofilament thread to hand-painted and hand-lettered cotton canvas; soft-mounted on felt

Photo: Thomas Blanchard

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