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New Gallery

by Mary Pal in Updates

I have just created a new category on my website called “Early Works” and in it, I have placed a number of my classic works, that I’ve held onto over the years for sentimental reasons or to take with me when I travelled to lecture and teach. But I am running out of storage space and exhibitions demand new work, so it is time to let these beauties go to homes where they will be appreciated. At this point in my career, I am choosing intentionally to make my work available to people who love it at prices that are affordable.

Accordingly, these pieces are priced well below my usual artwork prices, $400CAD ($320USD) each plus shipping. I’d rather you have something of mine that you love than keep all these classic works wrapped up in storage. So if you’d like to own an original “Mary Pal” piece, please comment here or email me directly if you are interested in any of these earlier works.

Thank you for your friendship and support.

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