Online classes in the works!

by Mary Pal in Updates

I have bitten the bullet. I now have a virtual lecture available to quilt guilds  (please email me for info) and am in the midst of organizing my first-ever virtual workshops and on-demand courses. I will create an Online Classes page as I progress. Brave new world for me!

Lecture: One Wild Ride: Join me on a rollicking adventure of the whole “cheesecloth” story – where it started, how it has developed, the surprising places it has taken me – and how you might forge your own similar path… avoiding white knuckles along the way!


Mary Pal
Thanks, Linda. I am currently working on four teaching classes under the main theme: Cheesecloth Explorations. The first is a landscape with a cheesecloth tree and grasses; the second shows how to interpret any landscape or textural animal in cheesecloth. The third and fourth are Beginner and Advanced Portraiture. And two freebie classes on colouring cheesecloth and posterizing photos.
Linda Rogers
I have followed your work for some time now and have wondered how you manipulate the cheesecloth. I would be interested in your online class.

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