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Welcome to My New Website

by Mary Pal in Updates

It is a changed world for all of us, and I am adjusting my professional life accordingly. A fresh new website seemed a logical place to start. Gone are the pages about teaching and workshops. Like many, I am considering the option of online classes but have not made a decision yet. For guilds, I have recorded a presentation that can be presented at their online meetings. Feel free to contact me for more info.

For now, I plan to shelter in place, produce some new work, and place it here so collectors can see it as soon as it’s done. I will post progress shots on my Instagram page, so hope you will click the link below and Follow me, if you would like to see those updates.

I hope you will enjoy a stroll through my cheesecloth creations from the past dozen years. Maybe you will even see a favourite that you can add to your own collection. Thank you for supporting a fibre artist!

Till my next post, hope everyone stays safe and manages to steer clear of this dreadful scourge.


Mary Pal
Thank you so much, Karen! The prospect is pretty daunting, but I am thinking about it and will be sure to let you know if I go that route. And thanks for visiting my website!
Karen Comiskey Lambdin
I really hope you'll do some online classes! I'll be the first to take one!!!
M. Rose
What a sleek, classy design this website has! But the gorgeous artwork still speaks for itself — truly masterful.
Nysha Oren Nelson
Beautiful! Well done. I had forgotten how many stunning pieces you have made.

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