Cheesecloth Imagery on Fabric

Cheesecloth Imagery on Fabric

This in-depth week-long workshop covers Mary Pal’s unique method of manipulating textiles that involves “sculpting” with fibres, employing transparency and contrast and learning how to create dramatic textile art with cheesecloth.

Working from a basic photo on the first day to learn the various methods of designing with this technique, you will learn all the skills required to create stunning portraits and landscapes out of simple cheesecloth. The nuances of portraiture are covered - photographs are studied to determine how to depict the qualities of the human face or elements of nature that elicit emotional responses in viewers, and you will gain the confidence to work with photos of your own on subsequent days.

You will learn not only Mary’s technique for sculpting cheesecloth to add texture and interest to your fibre art, but also how to paint a backdrop for your cheesecloth creations, using Neocolor II water-soluble wax pastels and acrylic textile paints – discovering how easy it is to get professional effects and transform plain white fabric into something with a unique appearance.

You are encouraged to explore a variety of subjects—cheesecloth can be used to sculpt landscapes, animals, whimsical creatures or abstract designs. Patterns and ideas will be discussed on an individual and group basis throughout the week.

You will examine how images may be adjusted on a computer, tablet or photocopier to create useful patterns.  This intensive workshop provides opportunity to master the technique, with a comprehensive overview of all the subtle ways it can be utilized to create surprising texture in all kinds of fibre art, along with a thorough review of mounting and display.

Techniques covered:

· “invisible” machine appliqué 

· methods of adjusting photographs electronically to create useful patterns

· styles of machine quilting appropriate for portraits and landscapes

· finishing and mounting options for art quilts

The workshop includes slideshow presentations to guide you through every step of the process and to inspire you.

Student Material Fee: ($35) Optional kit fee (or students may bring their own) includes access to a class set of Setacolor transparent paints and Neocolor II wax pastels, and three sheets of 19 x 24” Duralar.

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Lecture Topics

Lecture Topics

Accidental Artist

A life story examining my early explorations with textiles and traditional quilts culminating in an unexpected leap into the world of art quilts. The development of my art is explored along with the artists who have inspired me along the way.

One Artist's Journey

The whole "cheesecloth" story: an outline of my process from inspiration through production to completion. Includes a guide to ways in which quilters can raise the profile of their creations and embark on exciting journeys of their own.

An Art Quilter's Alphabet

Join Mary Pal for the full A to Z of tips every art quilter needs to know to achieve greater satisfaction and success. Starting with A is for Apps, learn time-saving and innovative ideas to make you more efficient in your studio. This lively presentation is filled with slides that not only demonstrate how quilters can incorporate each of the 26 concepts into their creative practice, but also showcase award-winning quilts that illustrate the techniques at work. Using her experience from the world of contemporary art quilts, Mary will entertain you with both humorous examples and tried-and-true methods that will help you improve your technique, make better use of your time, and encourage you to try something new when creating original works of quilted art. Best of all, you can sit back and enjoy the presentation without taking notes, because afterwards, you will have access to an electronic file with direct links to all the online resources she references in her presentation.

Getting From Here to There

You have an image or an idea of one in your do you translate that into a finished work of art? This presentation examines image manipulation, methods of depicting imagery on fabric, finishing options and guidelines for effective studio practice.

That Was Easy!

A presentation showing how the computer and the iPad can be used in unexpected ways as tools for any number of fiber art methods, demystifying seemingly complex techniques and replacing some of our complicated gadgets and tools. Detailed notes on this presentation are available ... electronically, of course!

Each lecture includes a professional powerpoint presentation and several of my art quilts for display.