Cheesecloth Imagery on Fabric

Cheesecloth Imagery on Fabric

Next session is at Haliburton School of Art & Design, July 16 – 20, 2018.

Discover a unique method of creating dramatic textile art with humble cheesecloth. Enjoy a thorough exploration of the many ways this surprisingly versatile medium can be used in fibre arts. Learn many methods of manipulating the fibres to employ transparency and contrast and portray a variety of textures. Nuances of portraiture will be investigated through the study of photos to determine how to depict the qualities of the human face that elicit emotional responses. In addition to adding texture and interest to your fibre art, you will also learn how to paint backdrops using wax pastels and acrylic textile paints, utilizing a wide range of paint techniques that will surprise you with the colour and mood they add to your finished piece. You are encouraged to explore a variety of subjects – landscapes, animals, whimsical creatures or abstract designs, and may use the instructor’s patterns or bring your own. Instruction will specifically address: the incorporation of texture into your fibre art, especially landscapes and figurative imagery; harnessing the power of value for dramatic art quilts; using specific techniques to get different cheesecloth effects; adjusting photos on a computer or tablet to create your own patterns; enlarging patterns for printing; colouring cheesecloth with paint, ink and dye; painting your backdrop to incorporate colour; using monofilament for “invisible” appliqué; free-motion quilting in styles appropriate for portraits and landscapes; incorporating cheesecloth into your art practice; displaying your work effectively. Visual presentations and demo's will guide you through every step of the process and inspire you with colour decisions made by beloved Canadian artists.

Optional Student Material Fee: ($30) (or students may bring their own) includes access to a class set of Setacolor transparent paints and Neocolor II wax pastels, and four sheets of 19 x 24” Duralar.


What Students Have Said About this Class:

Fabulous workshop. Best teacher I've ever had. Seriously .

A big thank you to Mary for teaching me her sculpting in cheesecloth technique. I loved every minute of the 5 day workshop. 

I thoroughly encourage anyone to participate in the "Haliburton" experience. If the opportunity arises to take another class with Mary Pal would definitely enroll.

The teacher was very approachable, caring and helpful. She is an excellent teacher and made me feel very comfortable. I was able to achieve things beyond my expectations.

Mary Pal is an exceptional communicator and teacher. Not only does she facilitate a fluid and compassionate learning environment but brings out the best in all of her students. This course was exhilarating and refreshing!

Best class I've taken - fun group of ladies and excellent teacher. 

Mary is one of the best skilled teachers I have had the pleasure to learn with. She works with group dynamics, professional and seamless in her understanding of teaching techniques. She is positive, flexible, supportive, inclusive, professional.

Mary was a warm, down-to-earth person - she took time needed to help each and everyone. I felt out of place at the beginning for about 1 hour then it was full speed ahead. [She was] patient, knowledgeable, welcoming and positive attitude at all times.


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Lecture Topics

Lecture Topics

Accidental Artist

A life story examining my early explorations with textiles and traditional quilts culminating in an unexpected leap into the world of art quilts. The development of my art is explored along with the artists who have inspired me along the way.

One Artist's Journey

The whole "cheesecloth" story: an outline of my process from inspiration through production to completion. Includes a guide to ways in which quilters can raise the profile of their creations and embark on exciting journeys of their own.

Each lecture includes a professional PowerPoint presentation on my own projector and several of my art quilts for display.