Cheesecloth Weeklong Workshop

The Big Kahuna

If you can sew, you can make dramatic textile art! In this very popular workshop, discover a unique method of creating remarkable artworks with humble cheesecloth. In our exploration of the many ways this surprisingly versatile medium may be used in fibre art, you will learn how to manipulate the fibres to employ transparency and contrast and portray a variety of textures. The focus in this class is on black and white for dramatic results, though you will explore optional methods of adding colour.




The Drifter webrez.jpg

The Drifter


In addition to adding texture and interest to your fibre art, you will also learn nuances of portraiture through the study of many examples to determine how to depict the qualities of the human face that elicit emotional responses. You are encouraged to explore a variety of subjects - landscapes, animals, whimsical creatures or abstract designs. You will be introduced to easy-to-use computer programs and learn how images can be adjusted on a computer, tablet or photocopier to create useful patterns, though if we have access to a printer, the instructor will work with students individually to design the composition and imagery required for their main project.


In a friendly and positive environment, learn how to:

· incorporate texture into your fibre art: landscapes, portraits and other figurative work

· harness the power of value for dramatic art quilts

· practise specific techniques to get different cheesecloth effects

· access huge collections of copyright-free images for your own use

· adjust photos on a computer or tablet to create your own patterns

· employ principles of composition to manipulate and enlarge images for patterns

· add colour to your background or cheesecloth with paint, ink and dye

· use monofilament for “invisible” appliqué

· display your fibre art work effectively

After working on exercises and small projects designed to teach you the basics, you will select a specific image of an animal, landscape or person to create a larger and impressive artwork all your own, with supportive guidance every step of the way.

Slideshow presentations are included to walk you through every step of the process and to inspire you with examples from the instructor’s own significant collection of completed cheesecloth artworks.

 The instructor encourages students to email her in advance of the workshop to discuss imagery and to answer any questions you might have.

Optional kit fee for local (Toronto area) classes includes access to a class set of Neocolor II wax pastels and four sheets of 19 x 24” Dura-lar. Mary will work with hosts of long-distance workshops to find a source for these supplies 

Generally, the instructor has a selection of packages of hand-dyed cheesecloth available for purchase for $CAN 2.50.