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Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition

Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition 2016 is in full swing!

My work, Keeping Jumbo Wild, will be exhibited at TIQE 2016 from April 30 to May 29 at the National Tainan Living Art Center in Tainan City, Taiwan.

Brings back wonderful memories of my visit there at the last exhibition in 2012, working with the wonderful organizer and curator Lin Hsin-Chen.  Wishing her all the best for this year's exhibition!

The poster of TIQE 2016 will be posted on the Facebook page of TAQS at later this week.  

As Luck Would Have It

Ever have one of those days when so many good things happened, you could not believe your luck?  I suppose if I started by saying that I began yesterday by driving to a dentist appointment, you might doubt my good fortune, but it just so happens I have the kindest, gentlest, sweetest dentist in the world (shoutout to Dr. John Ross!) so it actually was a good start to my day.

But when I came home and looked at the emails waiting for me, well, I began looking around for where that shiny horseshoe must be hiding.  The first email was a notification that "Morning Conversations," my piece with Peter Gzowski, was accepted into the Visions Biennial exhibition in San Diego. Woo hoo!

Precious Time - 1800 px.jpg

Right after that was an email from Quilters Newsletter magazine requesting information about my "Precious Time" piece that they may be publishing in an article about SAQA.  

This was followed by a contract from the Canadian Embroiderers Guild - London (Ontario) for a week-long workshop with them next summer. The next email contained a contract from the Thousand Island Quilters Guild for a lecture and trunk show in October. The final one was confirmation from Quilt Canada that my two 2-day classes in Toronto in June are running.  

Wow. What a day!  If I can find that horseshoe, I promise to pass it along. 

Carriageway Studios - Grand Opening March 5 & 6, 2016

My beautiful studio right in the waterfalls is up for sale.  (A plug for my landlord here: you could buy this double condo, live on one side and go next door to sew in 900 square feet of luxury. There is even a small separate office area for a partner who wanted to work from a home office!)

But I digress.  Here is the exciting news: Just as that door closed, another opened!  I have joined together with three amazing artists - Chandler Swain, Lily Brady and Dawn Walker - who have formed the Carriageway Studios Artists' Collective.  They have completely refurbished the space at the bottom of the buildings at 65 Mill Street.  You actually have to travel through the arch of an old carriageway to get to the entrance. And my new studio will be there!  

We have just begun to outfit our studios, but there is room for one more artist and also a space we envision as either an "Art Book Cafe" where visitors can sip coffee and leaf through our collection of art books or maybe as some kind of artsy retail space.  If you can come to our opening this weekend, you can see those spaces for yourself!  Here is your personal invitation:

We even have a draw for one of three fabulous art prizes, one of which you can see here, a stunning ceramic Garden Queen by Chandler Swain.  There is also a custom framed, stunning limited edition deer print by Lily Brady and a set of your very own personalized Letterpress stationery by Dawn Walker.  I am selling tickets ($10 each but we are printing only 150 tickets - good odds!) so let me know if you want one! 

You can expect lots of blogging about all the events and workshops we will be hosting.  To start us off, we will be having a viewing of Who Does She Think She Is? this Tuesday, March 8th from 7-9 pm.  Only $5.00, popcorn included.  This is a provocative film about the difficulties faced by women who attempt to juggle family life and creating art.  Sure to engender much interesting discussion. I think this will be a really interesting evening! Hope you can come.


Next stop ... Beijing!

I am excitedly making preparations to take 10 of my art quilts to exhibit in Beijing next month.  The invitation came about because of a very special quilt artist there who I met when the wonderful Hsin-Chen Lin invited me to teach in Taiwan a few years ago.  Yuanshan Jin endeared herself to me right away with her beautiful smile, and though we didn't speak the same language, well ... we speak the same language (quilting)! She had the most stunning quilts there, made up of thousands of tiny organza squares folded into points or rounded petals:

She very generously provided all of us with jewellery made from this technique: brooches, earrings and rings, which we all sported proudly.

 Miss Jin graciously teaching Sue and me her folding technique.  It took us quite awhile to foll one square properly ... look at how many petals are in our brooches!

Miss Jin graciously teaching Sue and me her folding technique.  It took us quite awhile to foll one square properly ... look at how many petals are in our brooches!

I have also been invited to bring along the works of five other Canadian quilt artists, so more about that in my next post!