Mary Pal Designs

Carriageway Studios - Grand Opening March 5 & 6, 2016

My beautiful studio right in the waterfalls is up for sale.  (A plug for my landlord here: you could buy this double condo, live on one side and go next door to sew in 900 square feet of luxury. There is even a small separate office area for a partner who wanted to work from a home office!)

But I digress.  Here is the exciting news: Just as that door closed, another opened!  I have joined together with three amazing artists - Chandler Swain, Lily Brady and Dawn Walker - who have formed the Carriageway Studios Artists' Collective.  They have completely refurbished the space at the bottom of the buildings at 65 Mill Street.  You actually have to travel through the arch of an old carriageway to get to the entrance. And my new studio will be there!  

We have just begun to outfit our studios, but there is room for one more artist and also a space we envision as either an "Art Book Cafe" where visitors can sip coffee and leaf through our collection of art books or maybe as some kind of artsy retail space.  If you can come to our opening this weekend, you can see those spaces for yourself!  Here is your personal invitation:

We even have a draw for one of three fabulous art prizes, one of which you can see here, a stunning ceramic Garden Queen by Chandler Swain.  There is also a custom framed, stunning limited edition deer print by Lily Brady and a set of your very own personalized Letterpress stationery by Dawn Walker.  I am selling tickets ($10 each but we are printing only 150 tickets - good odds!) so let me know if you want one! 

You can expect lots of blogging about all the events and workshops we will be hosting.  To start us off, we will be having a viewing of Who Does She Think She Is? this Tuesday, March 8th from 7-9 pm.  Only $5.00, popcorn included.  This is a provocative film about the difficulties faced by women who attempt to juggle family life and creating art.  Sure to engender much interesting discussion. I think this will be a really interesting evening! Hope you can come.