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As Luck Would Have It

Ever have one of those days when so many good things happened, you could not believe your luck?  I suppose if I started by saying that I began yesterday by driving to a dentist appointment, you might doubt my good fortune, but it just so happens I have the kindest, gentlest, sweetest dentist in the world (shoutout to Dr. John Ross!) so it actually was a good start to my day.

But when I came home and looked at the emails waiting for me, well, I began looking around for where that shiny horseshoe must be hiding.  The first email was a notification that "Morning Conversations," my piece with Peter Gzowski, was accepted into the Visions Biennial exhibition in San Diego. Woo hoo!

Precious Time - 1800 px.jpg

Right after that was an email from Quilters Newsletter magazine requesting information about my "Precious Time" piece that they may be publishing in an article about SAQA.  

This was followed by a contract from the Canadian Embroiderers Guild - London (Ontario) for a week-long workshop with them next summer. The next email contained a contract from the Thousand Island Quilters Guild for a lecture and trunk show in October. The final one was confirmation from Quilt Canada that my two 2-day classes in Toronto in June are running.  

Wow. What a day!  If I can find that horseshoe, I promise to pass it along.