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Element of Surprise - Part 4 (Sticks and Stones)

OK, I'm not going to launch into apologies or expressions of embarrassment about how long it's been since I posted.  What can I say?  Christmas, a trip to Palm Desert, year-end busy stuff at the day job, a trip to Toronto, a month spent on a large work bound for the Celebrating Silver exhibition in Houston this year, a fantastic teaching gig in San Diego in February (and wasn't that great timing considering the weather here?) and now packing up my home studio to move it to a building with other artists' studios. I have been busy! I have much to report.  But I can't do that till I finish telling you about Einsteinium.  On with the show!

In keeping with the instructions to choose non-fabric elements, I chose packing foam for what I thought would be a great substitute for fabric—malleable, easy to cut, takes paint well, has texture.  I used it as a backdrop for my portrait. So why not use it for the sticks and stones as well?  A little cutting, a little gesso, a little paint … then position them on the painted backdrop. Surprise - the first batch were too big and overpowering … so a quick second batch were painted on the foam.  Didn’t even seem to need gesso …  (yes, there are more surprises in store).